tv... my second journalistic focus.

Currently, I work for Aktuelle Stunde of Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). Since summer 2004 I am author for "So war's...", ("That's how it was...") which gives a five minute flashback on recent historic events. The topics are usually taken pop culture phenomena which influenced, however, everyday life in Germany: 50 Jahre Frau Antje in Deutschland (50 years of Miss Antje, a Dutch cheese-selling TV-maid), 15 Jahre langer Donnerstag (on restricted opening hours), 25 Jahre Anschnallpflicht (25 Years of obligatory buckling-up), 30 Jahre Zauberwürfel... (30 years of the Rubik's Cube)

A special edition of "So war's..." focuses on the last months of World War II and its aftermath in Western Germany 60 years ago. Topics are: Der Bombenkrieg (bomb war), Die Eroberung Aachens durch die Alliierten (Aachen, the first German city to fall to the Americans), Die Schlacht im Hürtgenwald (the battle of the Hurtgen Forest), Die Ardennenoffensive (The Battle of the Bulge), der Ruhrkessel (The Battle for the Roer-Area).

Also concerning the Second World War, I was author and producer of the historical documentation "Weihnachten '44 - Stille Nacht im Bombenhagel" (Christmas '44 - Silent Night, Bombing Night", a 45 minute feature about the last Christmas in WW II. It was broadcasted on 12/25/2004 on WDR-TV.

My latest longer tv project was a historical documentation about the peculiar rise of a little astronomical school observatory in Bochum (Roer Area) in the late 50s which was to become Germany's leading space and satelite observation during the next 20 years. Being the first ones to track the beeping sound of russian Sputnik satelite and the only ones to record Yuri Gagarins voice during his space trip in 1961 - this amateur institution and its director grew to being one of the most renowed experts worldwide - and until today are the only ones outside NASA to prove that the Americans actually landed on the moon. The documentary "Wie der Mond nach Bochum kam" (or How the moon came to Bochum) was aired in June 2009 on the WDR tv network.

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