I am a free lance radio and TV journalist from the city of Cologne, Germany - now relocated to London.

My journalistic work is currently focused on historical topics although I cover the fields of politics, ecology, culture and job markets as well. My reports vary in length and genre, from hard fact reports to comedy productions.

At the moment, I produce programs for the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR, public radio and TV). In the TV section I produce historical documentaries for "Aktuelle Stunde", whereas for radio I do historical reports for "Zeitzeichen" and "Stichtag" (WDR 2 / WDR 5).

My contractors, until now, have been public broadcasting companies all over Germany, the "Deutsche Welle" (public broadcasting service for foreign countries), "Belgischer Rundfunk" (public broadcasting service for the German speaking minority in Belgium) and the private local "Radio Aachen".

I have also published some articles in national daily and weekly newspapers, such as "Süddeutsche Zeitung" or "Die Zeit".

Occasionally, I work as narrator for radio commercials, tv feature programs, computer and console games, internet and industrial film productions.

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