... is a field that I work in every now and then. If so it is usually a somewhat longer documentation or an essay in major press releases, in the weekly "Die Zeit", for example.

Here is one which was published in Oktober 04 about the end of World War II in the Western part of Germany in 1944:

"Wir haben es geschafft!" ("We have made it!")

About at the same time, I published a similar article in the Atlantic Times, a monthly newspaper, produced in Germany, but published exclusively in the US:

Don't fraternize! Post-war American German relations began 60 years ago (Oktober 2004)

"We had to start from scratch" - 50 years ago, West Germany established... (2005)

"Treat them nicely". Sixty years ago, U.S. forces and the Red Army met in Torgau, (2005)

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